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  Thank you for stopping by,please check back soon for the latest updates

" You bring an idea, and I can help finish it "

Hello, and welcome to DP3 Custom Metal web site.

This site is a collection of custom projects I have produced.All my work is hand made from scratch,using the highest quality materials.Please feel free to ask me about anything you see here or about any other projects you might have in mind.

I still have plenty to share,so please keep checking back to see my latest work.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate all the support.

David C. Perez III

This slide show will give you a chance to see the wide range of different projects I have done.

Click on the images below slide show, to see details of each piece during production.

For the last few years all of my projects have all been fully custom made to order pieces.Right now I am putting together a line of products using re purposed materials and different types of metals.These are a few concepts that will be part of the product line I am currently developing.

More concepts to be added as they are produced.

    Page 14. No Limits ,will have this growing collection listed as the product line increases.        

All rights reserved by David C. Perez III 2021, any reproduction of any image on this web site is prohibited.